0.16.9-hotfix (2019-06-18)

commit: 126473caba3685878bf79f687115023918d5048a

Hotfix issue in Makefile

  • hotfix issue in Makefile

0.16.9 (2019-06-18)

commit: 8e7228deb81cdfacfea7e7273fd25e70503cbe2b

Add CLI for stats manipulation

  • refactor the perun stats module
  • extend the stats module with a CLI
  • add new operations (list, delete, …) to the stats module

0.16.8 (2019-05-18)

commit: 05d7275cb5f00183a72f8428bc4aaba0420bb73b

Extend perun instances with temporaries

  • add new logic module that allows to store temporary files in separate directory (.perun/tmp)

0.16.7-hotfix (2019-04-15)

commit: 686ea87a64d845b215474193f879db0240c05732

Hotfix Jinja potential vulnerability

  • hotfix Jinja potential vulnerability

0.16.7 (2019-04-15)

commit: 4152091bc4c2e5d1553ebccfef059d8153255aba

Extend perun instances with stats

  • add new logic module that allows to store stats for profiles in separate directory (.perun/stats)

0.16.6 (2019-03-25)

commit: 18870d9d5853726d5cc966962d275111e451ab06

Improve the quality of life of Perun

  • fix minor bug in storing changes
  • extracted index entry specific functions to isolate class (in order to create new versions)
  • implement index v2.0, codename FastSloth
  • switch to working with index v2.0 (index v1.0 is still supported, however, everything is saved as 2.0)
  • minor refactors
  • optimize loading of the profile info for both registered and pending profiles (yields huge performance boost)
  • add –force option to perun add which will force the add (d’oh)
  • add printing of trace if perun -vv is set in cli (i.e. the verbosity is of level 2+)
  • rename ‘params’ in profile to ‘args’ since it complies to other parts of code
  • refactor minor issues, enhance error messages and exception handling

0.16.5 (2019-03-22)

commit: a2bd359479920178cfed1a0de779ef6fa5f4d4ac

Revive complexity collector

  • revive the complexity collector
  • increase the test coverage of complexity collector
  • update the complexity collector to comply with latest version of Perun

commit: 983b02ca54faa66941dcea06f990c8033eaf98f6

Add kernel non-parametric regression

0.16.4 (2019-03-14)

commit: 983b02ca54faa66941dcea06f990c8033eaf98f6

Add kernel non-parametric regression

  • fix minor issue in memory collector that manifests with gcc-5.5+ and Ubuntu 18.04+
  • add three kernel non-parametrikjc regression models (see _postprocessors-kernel-regression)
  • fix minor issues in moving average and regressogram

0.16.3 (2019-03-02)

commit: de699ab66d8438166d0ad2d55c74bf43a59d1fc4

Overhaul the trace collector

  • update to Click version 7.0 (because underscores are replaced by dashes)
  • add automatic pairing of the static probes in trace collector
  • add fault-tolerant system to trace collector (now it does collect some profile even if it contains some corruption)
  • rework the internal format of traces

0.16.2 (2019-03-02)

commit: 77bed5eb7654274687fc0fa7130f28a6ff282fba

Fix and refactor the memory collector

  • fix minor issue in average amount threshold checker, when average is 0
  • refactor memory collector
  • add proper documentation to memory collector
  • fix an ubuntu 18.04 issue, when dlsym() needed some bytes before is properly loaded resulting into crash
  • add proper locking to memory collector

0.16.1 (2019-03-01)

commit: 04cd6a2dc788f73d21c23554ff2ab8174af67dbd

Add moving average postprocessor

  • add moving average postprocessor, other of the non-parametric analysis
  • minor fixes in regressogram (refactor and documentation)
  • add perun fuzz command which does a performance fuzzing
  • remodel runner functions to generators

0.16 (2019-02-16)

commit: 04cd6a2dc788f73d21c23554ff2ab8174af67dbd

Add regressogram postprocessor

  • add –version option to perun cli, so it shows version of perun (d’oh!)
  • extend scatterplot to support step function rendering (for regressogram)
  • add regressogram postprocessor, one of the non-parametric analysis

0.15.4 (2018-08-13)

commit: b1e2e3bdcca839efcf7a59ebb8fdbd2b8fc38888

Add cleanup procedures to Trace collector

  • add cleanup procedures to trace collector (so it properly kills systemtap modules)
  • fix versions
  • make clusterizer less verbose
  • fix wrong parameter name in trace collector

0.15.3-hotfix (2018-08-02)

commit: a9b46ed478258bbcd8292df0775a14e69b7db329

Hotfix unused workload parameter in trace collector

  • hotfix missing workload parameter in trace collector

0.15.3 (2018-08-01)

commit: a9b46ed478258bbcd8292df0775a14e69b7db329

Extract trace configuration automatically

  • rename complexity collector to trace
  • fix minor issues with trace collector
  • add basic support for parallel programs in trace collector
  • add basic support for non-terminating programs (–timeout) in trace collector
  • fix minor issues in incorrect piping (class with ||)
  • add lookup of profiled functions in trace collector

0.15.2 (2018-07-20)

commit: a9b46ed478258bbcd8292df0775a14e69b7db329

Upgrade Trace collector architecture

  • update the cli of the Trace Collector with new options
  • add support for static and dynamic probing of the binaries (hence allow custom user probes)
  • fix minor issues
  • rework the architecture of system-tap collector to work as a daemon

0.15.1 (2018-07-17)

commit: f137abac6c428fc5e580dfa0fc9446c65ac30e4c

Rehaul the notion of workloads

  • refactor check modules
  • add pending tag range to perun add command to add more profiles at once
  • add index tag rage to perun rm command to remove more profiles at once
  • fix the issue with wrong sort order and tags (now format.sort_profiles_by sets the option in local)
  • add support for workload generators
  • implement integer workload generator that generates workload from the integer interval
  • implement singleton workload generator that generates single workload
  • implement string workload generator that generates random strings
  • implement file workload generator that generates random text files
  • add generators.workload for specification of workload generators in config
  • remodel the notion of workloads to accept the workload generators to allow other style of workloads
  • add two modes of workload generation (one that merges the profiles into one; and one which gradually generates profiles)
  • add default workload generators to shared configuration

0.15 (2018-06-20)

commit: 6bb792fd8e172ab6c97a3cd1ac517bfe416b6c85

Extend the suite of change detection methods

  • add fast check degradation check method (Fast Check)
  • add linear regression based degradation check method (Linear Regression)
  • add polynomial regression based degradation check method (Polynomial Regression)
  • rename regression models to full names
  • fix divisions by zero in several places in regression analysis
  • rename the api of several regression functions

0.14.4 (2018-06-17)

commit: 4e36142252e123f3e8e6422583c71383adc9fc30

Refactor the code

  • fix various linting issues (e.g. too long lines)
  • remove unused code and function (e.g. in memory)
  • fix minor issues
  • extend the test suite with several more tests
  • flatten the test hierarchy
  • remove alloclist view (query+convert imported in python is more powerful)
  • renew the rest of the old documentation format
  • extract path and type function parameters from vcs api
  • refactor pcs module and remove pcs as argument from all of the functions
  • fix various codacy issues
  • refactor cli module by moving callbacks, renaming functions and removing redundant functions

0.14.3 (2018-06-12)

commit: a2820c0cb50cff5b758a3d01ca7b8e356af5d2cf

Extend utils module

  • print timing of various collection phases
  • add degradation.log_collect to store the output of precollect phase in isolated logs
  • add working --compute-missing parameter to check group, which temporarily sets the precollection
  • add repetition of the time collector
  • add predefined configuration templates
  • add automatic lookup of candidate executable and workloads for user configuration (see Predefined Configuration Templates)
  • add perun config reset command to allow resetting of configuration to different states
  • extend the utils module with ELF helper functions
  • extend the utils with non-blocking subprocess calls
  • extend the utils with binary files lookup

0.14.2 (2018-05-15)

commit: 0faaa74097a159c4b441d65415dba504265c2059

Rehaul the command line output

  • fix issue with pending tags not being sorted ;)
  • fix the issue with incorrectly flattened values in query
  • extend the memory collector to include the allocation order as resource
  • add loading and storing of performance change records
  • add short printed results for found degradations
  • update the default generated config
  • remake the output of time collector
  • fix issue with integer workloads
  • fix issue with non-sorted index profiles
  • fix issue with memory collector not removing the unreachable allocations
  • add vcs history tree to log (prints the context of the vcs tree)
  • remodel the output of the degradation checks
  • switch the colour of optimizations to green (instead of blue)
  • colour tainted (containing degradation) and fixed (containing optimization) branches in vcs history
  • add short summary of degradations to each minor version in graph
  • add semantic ordering of uids (used in outputs)
  • add vcs history to output of perun run matrix
  • make perun check precollect phase silent (until we figure out the better way?)
  • add streaming to the history (so it is not output when everything is done)
  • make two versions of run_jobs (one with history and one without)
  • refactor some modules to remove unnecessary dependencies
  • add information about degradations to perun status and log

0.14.1 (2018-04-19)

commit: b7922d7c1bbe7ea89fe735c93cf1e6c8a7604765

Extend the automation

  • add two new options to regression analysis module (see Regression Analysis for more details)
  • fix minor issues in regression analysis and scatter plot module
  • fix issue with non-deterministic ordering in flattening the values by convert
  • add different ordering to perun status profiles (now they are ordered by time)
  • add more boxes to the output of the perun status profiles (bundled per five profiles)
  • add format.sort_profiles_by configuration key to allow sorting of profiles in perun status by different keys
  • add --sort-by option to perun status to allow sorting of profiles in perun status
  • fix minor things in documentation
  • add few helper function for CLI and profiles
  • rename origin in ProfileInfo to source (class of names)
  • fix typos in documentation
  • remake walk major version to return MajorVersion object, with head and major version name
  • add helper function for loading the profile out of profile info
  • extend the api of the vcs (with storing/restoring the state, checkout and dirty-testing)
  • add profiles.register_after_run configuration key to automatically register profiles after collection
  • add execute.pre_run config key for running commands before execution of matrix
  • add helper function for safely getting config key
  • add --minor-version parameter to perun collect and perun run to run the collection over different minor version
  • add --crawl-parents parameter to allow perun collect and perun run to collect the data for both minor version and its predecessors
  • add checking out of the minor version, and saving the state, to collection of profiles
  • add degradation.collect_before_check configuration key for automatically collect profiles before running degradation check

0.14 (2018-03-27)

commit: 3e56911baad6a7cd0ab0b90b23c6edbc57abeb43

Add clusterization postprocessor

  • add clusterizer postprocessor (see Clusterizer)
  • add helper function for flattening single resources
  • fixed profiles generated by time in tests

0.13 (2018-03-27)

commit: 9642c1dcd7ba39b91ef791039690f5be79312dd2

Add SystemTap based complexity collector

  • add SystemTap based complexity collector (see Trace Collector for more details)
  • add perun utils create command (see Utility Commands for more details) for creating new modules according to stored templates
  • fix issue with getting config hierarchy, when outside of any perun scope

0.12.1 (2018-03-08)

commit: 96ef4443244568260e5dd25fa4cde5230eba8a36

Update project readme

  • update the project readme
  • add compiled documentation

0.12 (2018-03-05)

commit: 7ac008e0a7be32d5ddfceb3cbe7042036323f82d

Add basic testing of performance changes between profiles

  • add command for checking performance changes between two isolate profiles
  • add command for checking performance changes in given minor version
  • add command for checking performance changes within the project history
  • add two basic methods of checking performance changes
  • add two options to config (see degradation.strategies and degradation.apply) to customize performance checking
  • add caching to recursive config lookup
  • add recursive gathering of options from config
  • fix nondeterministic tests
  • define structure for representing the result of performance change
  • add basic implementation of performance change detectors

0.11.1 (2018-02-28)

commit: 8a6b1ac90c4cfca6f11546d0d3c4aa4fbe2000c3

Enhance the regression model suite

  • fix issues when reading configuration with error
  • enhance the regression model suite by improving quadratic and constant models
  • rename the tags to different format (%tag%)
  • add support for shortlog formatting string
  • fix issue with postprocessing information being lost
  • add options for changing filename template
  • remodel automatic generation of profile names (now templatable; see format.output_profile_template)
  • add runtime config
  • break config command to three (get, set, edit)
  • rename some configuration options
  • fix issue with missing header parts in profiles
  • fix issue with incorrect parameter
  • add global.paging option (see general.paging)
  • improve bokeh outputs (with click policy, and better lines)
  • other various fixes

0.11 (2017-11-27)

Adding proper documentation

commit: a2ad710aafa171dfc6974c7121b572ee3ea2033b

  • add HTML and latex documentation
  • refactor the documentation of publicly visible modules
  • add additional figures and examples of outputs and profiles
  • switch order of initialization of Perun instances and vcs
  • break vcs-params to vcs-flags and vcs-param
  • fix the issue with missing index
  • enhance the performance of Perun (guarding, rewriting to table lookup, or lazy inits)
  • add loading of yaml parameters from CLI

0.10.1 (2017-10-24)

Remodeling of the regression analysis interface

commit: 14ce41c28d4d847ed2c74eac6a2dbfe7644cfd93

  • refactor the interface of regression analysis
  • update the regression analysis error computation
  • add new parameters for plotting models
  • reduce number of specific computation functions
  • update the architecture (namely the interface)
  • update the documentation of regression analysis and parameters for cli
  • update the regressions analysis error computation
  • add constant model
  • add paging for perun log and status
  • rename converters and transformations modules

0.10 (2017-10-10)

Add Scatter plot visualization module

commit: f0d9785639e5c03a994eb439d54206722a455da3

  • add scatter plot as new visualisation module (basic version with some temporary workarounds)
  • fix bisection method not producing model for some intervals
  • add examples of scatter plot graphs

0.9.2 (2017-09-28)

Extend the regression analysis module

commit: 12c06251193701356685e8163a7ef8ce8b7d9f2a

  • add transformation of models to plotable data points
  • add helper functions for plotting models
  • add support of regression analysis extensions

0.9.1 (2017-09-24)

Extend the query module

commit: bf8ff341cfa942b82093850c63655b79674ea615

  • add proper testing to query module
  • polish the messy
  • add support generators and fixtures for query profiles
  • extend the profile query module with key values and models queries

0.9 (2017-08-31)

Add regression analysis postprocessing module

commit: 2b3d0d637699ae35b36672df3ce4c14fa0fed701

  • add regression analysis postprocessor module
  • add example resulting profiles

0.8.3 (2017-08-31)

commit: e47f5588e834fd70042bb18ea53a7d76f75cc8b7

Update and fix complexity collector

  • fix several minor issues with complexity collector
  • polish the standard of the generated profile
  • add proper testinr for cli
  • refactor according to the pylint
  • fix bug where vector would not be cleared after printing to file
  • remove code duplication in loop specification
  • fix different sampling data structure for job and complexity cli
  • fix some minor details with cli usage and info output

0.8.2 (2017-07-31)

Update the command line interface of complexity collector

commit: 1451ae054e77e81bf0aa4930639bf323c09c510e

  • add new options to complexity collector interface
  • add thorough documentation
  • refactor the implementation

0.8.1 (2017-07-30)

Update the performance of command line interface

commit: 1fef373e8899b3ff0b0525ec99da91ba7a67fac0

  • add on demand import of big libraries
  • optimize the memory collector by minimizing subprocess calls
  • fix issue with regex in memory collector
  • add caching of memory collector syscalls
  • extend cli of add and remove to support multiple args
  • extend the massaging of parameters for cli
  • remodel the config command
  • add support for tags in command line
  • enhance the status output of the profile list
  • enhance the default formatting of config
  • add thorough validity checking of bars/flow params

0.8 (2017-07-03)

Add flame graph visualization

commit: 56a29c807f2d7ad34b7af6002e5ebf90c717e8d7

  • add flame graph visualization module

0.7.2 (2017-07-03)

Refactor flow graph to a more generic form

commit: eb33811236575599fc9aa82ce417c492be22d79b

  • refactor flow to more generic format
  • work with flattened pandas.DataFrame format
  • use set of generators and queries for manipulation with profiles
  • make the cli API generic
  • polish the visual apeal of flow graphs
  • simplify output to bokeh.charts.Area
  • add basic testing of bokeh flow graphs
  • fix the issue with additional layer in memory profs

0.7.1 (2017-06-30)

Refactor bar graph to a more generic form

commit: 5942e0b1aa8cc09ce0e22b030c3ec17dfdce0556

  • refactor bars to more generic format
  • work with flattened pandas.DataFrame format
  • make the cli API generic
  • polish the visual apeal of bars graph
  • add unique colour palette to bokeh graphs
  • fix minor issue with matrix in config
  • add massaging of params for show and postprocess

0.7 (2017-06-26)

Add bar graph visualization

commit: a0f1a4921ecf9ef8f5b7c14ba42442fc589581ed

  • integrate bar graph visualization

0.6 (2017-06-26)

Add Flow graph visualization

commit: 5683141b2e622af871eabc1c7259654151177256

  • integrate flow graph visualization

0.5.1 (2016-06-22)

Fix issues in memory collector

commit: 28560e8d47cb2b1e2087d7072c44584563f78870

  • extend the CLI for memory collect
  • annotate phases of memory collect with basic informations
  • add checks for presence of debugging symbols
  • fix in various things in memory collector
  • extend the testing of memory collector

0.5 (2016-06-21)

Add Heap map visualization

commit: 6ac6e43080f0a9b0c856636ed5ae12ee25a3d4df

  • integrate Heap map visualization
  • add thorough testing of heap and heat map
  • refactor profile converting
  • refactor duplicate blobs of code
  • add animation feature
  • add origin to profile so it can be compared before adding profile
  • add more smart lookup of the profile for add
  • add choices for collector/vcs/postprocessor parameters in cli
  • simplify adding parameters to collectors/postprocessors
  • add support for formatting strings for profile list
  • refactor log and status function
  • add basic testing for the command line interface
  • switch interactive configuration to using editor
  • implement wrappers for collect and postprocessby
  • rename ‘bin’ keyword to ‘cmd’ in stored profiles
  • add basic testing of the collectors and commands

0.4.2 (2017-05-31)

Collective fixes mostly for Memory collector

commit: 4d94299bc196292284995aabdce0c702e76b33ca

  • fix a collector issue with zero value addresses
  • add checking validity of the looked up minor version
  • fix issue with incorrect parameter of the NotPerunRepositoryException
  • raise exception when the profile is in incorrect json syntax
  • catch error when minor head could not be found
  • add exception for errors in wrapped VCS
  • add exception for incorrect profile format
  • raise NotPerunRepository, when Perun is not located on path
  • fix message when git was reinitialized
  • catch exceptions for init

0.4.1 (2017-05-15)

Collective fixes mosty for Complexity collector

commit: 13bebd88613fce58458d50207aea01ee7f672f86

  • fixed size data container growth if functions were sampled
  • enhance the perun status with info about untracked profiles
  • add colours to printing of profile list (red for untracked)
  • add output of untracked profiles to perun status
  • fix issue with postprocessor parameter rewritten by local variable

0.4 (2017-03-17)

Add Complexity collector

commit: 323228f95050e52041b47af899eaea6e90eb0605

  • add complexity collector module

0.3 (2017-03-14)

Adding Memory Collector

commit: 558ae1eee3acd370c519ac39e774d7fe05d23e35

  • add memory collector module
  • fix the issue with detached head state and perun status
  • add simple, but interactive, initialization of the local config

0.2 (2017-03-07)

Add basic job units

commit: 7994b5618eb27684da57ce0941f4f58604ac29ea

  • add the normalizer postprocessor
  • add the time collector
  • refactor the git module to use the python package
  • add loadinng of config from local yml
  • refactor construction of job matrix
  • remove cmd from job tuple and rename params to args
  • break perun run to run matrix (from config) and run job (from stdout)
  • fix issue of assuming different structure of profile
  • add functionality of creating and storing profiles
  • add generation of the profile name for given job
  • add storing of the profile at given path
  • add generation of profile out of collected data
  • update the params between the phases
  • polish the perun –short header
  • various minor tweaks for outputs
  • change init-vcs-* options to just vcs-*
  • fix an issue with incorrectly outputed comma if no profile type was present
  • fix an issue with loading profile having two modes (compressed and uncompressed)
  • implement base logic for calling collectors and postprocessors
  • enhance output of profile numbers in perun log and status with colours and types
  • add header for short info
  • add colours to the header
  • add base implementation of perun show
  • fix loading of compressed file
  • polish output of perun log and status by adding indent, colours and padding
  • fix an issue with adding non-existent profile
  • fix multiple adding of the same entry
  • fix an issue when the added entry should go to end of index

0.1 (2017-02-22)

First partially working implementation

commit: 4dd5ee3c638570489d60c50ca41b519029da9007

  • add short printing of minor version info (–short-minors | -s option)
  • fix reverse output of log (oldest was displayed first)
  • implement simplistic perun log outputing minor version history and profile numbers
  • fix an incorrect warning about already tracked profiles
  • add removal of the entry from the index
  • add registering of files to the minor version index
  • refactor according to pylint
  • add base implementation of perun log
  • add base implementation of perun status
  • add base implementation of perun add
  • add base implementation of perun rm
  • add base implementation of perun init
  • add base implementation of perun config
  • add base commandline interface through click

0.0 (2016-12-10)

Initial minimalistic repository

commit: 2a6d1e65e5f3871e091d395789b9fd44450ef9e4

  • empty root